Peace Action of San Mateo County

Welcome to Peace Action of San Mateo County - Here you will find a listing of our latest activities in organizing a citizen movement working toward the elimination of war and violence as acceptable means of resolving conflict at home and abroad. All action begins at a local level.

Here we seek to engage in public education, the active organization of demonstrations and protests,informing the media and lobbying our legislators toward the goals of ending the international arms trade, for significantly reducing worldwide military expenditures and implementing an effective program of economic conversion. We believe in a future where wealthy countries no longer profit from the suffering of others through an obscene arms trade. We believe in a future free from the constant threat of nuclear annihilation. We believe in a future where we no longer squander billions of dollars every year on unnecessary and menacing weapons.

And remember that a peace vigil happens every Saturday…here in San Mateo we will be at 3rd Avenue and El Camino Real (in front of the Bank of America Building) from 3-4 PM.

Come join us!

Cost of War

Peace Action of San Mateo County

Welcome to Peace Action of San Mateo County - Here you will find a listing of our latest activities in organizing a citizen movement working toward the elimination of war and violence as acceptable means of resolving conflict at home and abroad.

Sunday, September 20: Dr. Tom Newman of Physicians for Social Responsibility talks about the Humanitarian Effects of Nuclear Weapons

09/20/2015 19:00
09/20/2015 21:00
America/Los Angeles

Over the last couple of years, many among the international community of nations have taken steps to point out both the potential and real humanitarian effects of nuclear weapons. Most specifically three international conferences have taken place on the Humanitarian Impacts of Nuclear Weapons.

Thursday, August 6: Carpool to Annual Protest at Livermore Lab

08/06/2015 08:00
08/06/2015 12:00
America/Los Angeles

70 years ago this August 6, an atomic bomb dropped from the U.S. B-29 bomber Enola Gay exploded over Hiroshima, unleashing a nuclear firestorm and destruction never seen before.

Sunday, July 19: PASMC Annual Potluck and Celebration

07/19/2015 17:00
07/19/2015 21:00
America/Los Angeles

All of our Peace Action of San Mateo County members and friends are invited to an annual midsummer dinner for good food, good music, a bit of business (electing our next Board and Officers) and a good time among old and new peace-loving friends.

That is the program for our annual Potluck Dinner, when we get as many of us together as we can and positively affirm our work and our existence – as just one chapter in the national organization Peace Action.

Sunday, June 28: Nancy Neff of the California Clean Money Campaign talks about the California DISCLOSE Act

06/28/2015 19:00
06/28/2015 21:00
America/Los Angeles

Money in Politics: What We Can Do About It

Sunday, May 31: PASMC Screens Part 5 of Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the U.S.

05/31/2015 19:00
05/31/2015 21:00
America/Los Angeles

Last year Peace Action of San Mateo County offered “The Bomb”, Part 3 of Academy Award-winning writer/director Oliver Stone’s widely acclaimed Untold History of the United States. We are following up that showing with another free screening of Part 5: “Eisenhower, The Bomb and The Third World”. This will take place on Sunday, May 31, 7 PM at the Unitarian Universalists of San Mateo, 300 E. Santa Inez Avenue in San Mateo. Admission is free, contributions will be welcome. The episode lasts about an hour.

Saturday, April 18: Fundraising Dinner with Talk by Israeli Peace Activist Amos Gvirtz

04/18/2015 18:00
04/18/2015 21:00
America/Los Angeles

PASMC is co-sponsoring an event being presented by Rebuilding Alliance and the First Congregational Church of Palo Alto’s Peace and Justice Task Force. On Saturday, April 18th, Amos Gvirtz, long-time Israeli non-violent peace activist, will speak at a special Rebuilding Alliance dinner at FCCPA, to benefit Rebuilding Alliance’s newest project, the Backpacks for Gaza’s Children Campaign.

Wednesday, April 15: Local Tax Day Action

04/15/2015 10:00
04/15/2015 16:00
America/Los Angeles

Don’t forget about our annual Tax Day leafleting on, well, Tax Day – this Wednesday, April 15. The downtown San Mateo Post Office – 2nd and Ellsworth Avenues – is the place, 10 AM-4 PM is the time.

Sunday, March 22: PASMC Presents Barbara Lubin of the Middle East Children’s Alliance

03/22/2015 19:00
03/22/2015 21:00
America/Los Angeles

Since 1988, when she went to Palestine and Israel at the beginning of the first Intifada, peace, justice and disability rights activist Barbara Lubin has seen a great many reasons to be concerned, and bring aid, to people – especially the children – in the Middle East. Thus it was that year that Barbara, along with Howard Levine, founded the Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA).

Sunday, February 22: PASMC presents Marylia Kelley, Executive Director of Tri-Valley CAREs

02/22/2015 19:00
02/22/2015 21:00
America/Los Angeles

In the area of nuclear weapons, there is a lot to consider just lately. President Obama just submitted his Fiscal Year 2016 budget proposal – including spending for the nuclear weapons complex. This Spring will see, in New York, the next 5-year review of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) that binds many of the world’s nations in an evolving formula for humanity’s survival – if enough of the nuclear weapons states can take steps toward disarmament.

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