About once per month, Peace Action of San Mateo County holds meetings on the Zoom platform with either guest speakers, a video or sometimes both. Below are links to a few of these past meetings, with more to be added soon.

If you would like to hear about the meetings in advance (as well as important legislative alerts for contacting our elected representatives), send an email to smpa@sanmateopeaceaction.org to get on our email listserve.

July 9, 2024: Debunking Deterrence Theory and Pursuing Global Nuclear Disarmament

A webinar from the Peace Action Education Fund with Professor Elaine Scarry, Jackie Cabasso, Emma Claire Foley and Tad Akiba (former Mayor of Hiroshima, Japan); moderated by Kevin Martin and Joseph Gerson


June 9, 2024: At the outset of Daniel Ellsberg Week, Scott Yundt, Executive Director of Tri-Valley CARES, discusses the organization and the US nuclear weapons complex.


May 29, 2024: Back From the Brink presents a conversation with investigative journalist and New York Times bestselling author Annie Jacobsen about her new book, “Nuclear War: A Scenario” 


April 14: War and Climate Change: Lisa Savage, board member for the Global Network on Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, discusses the state of the military’s effect on the environment.


March 24: Norman Solomon on “Make War Visible…and End It: A webinar in conjunction with the Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, featuring the north bay-based author and activist.


February 25, 2024: PASMC Board member Alan Mattlage talks about the implications of the International Court of Justice in its proceedings regarding Israel's war in Gaza


January 14, 2024: Helen Jaccard of Veterans For Peace talks about “Sailing for a Nuclear-Free World” – a report-back on the 2023 voyage of the sailboat Golden Rule, making presentation about the dangers of nuclear weapons and war


December 17, 2023: A Jewish Voice for Peace perspective on Israel and Palestine, with Dorah Rosen of JVP’s South Bay Chapter


November 19, 2023: PASMC presents a talk with Peace Action President Kevin Martin 


October 22, 2023: An interview about China and Taiwan

Michael Wong of Veterans for Peace screens and discusses his interview with Professor Daiwie Fu about China and Taiwan


April 16, 2023: Dr. Stephen Zunes: “Russia’s Imperialism and Ours – How Should Peace Activists Respond?


February 26, 2023: Greg Coleridge of Move to Amend: "We the People vs. Corporate Rule...It's Up to Us!

Greg is the Co-director of the national organization Move to Amend, dedicated to ending corporate rule and getting money out of politics.


November 20, 2022: Gerry Condon of Veterans for Peace on The Golden Rule – a Boat Sailing Around the U.S., Speaking the Truth About and Promoting the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons